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Auto Guidance

Ausra Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. is accepting subscriptions now for your AFS System!

The AFS-Pro 600 Monitor System
AUTOPILOT™ Automated Guidance System With one-inch repeatability from plant to harvest in any field pattern, the Autopilot guidance system extends your operating hours so you can work when you need to—and maximize the precision of your rows.

EZ-BOOM™ 2010 Automated Application Control System
Automatic and precise applications with less demands on the operator. Cut your farm inputs costs immediately using the EZ-Boom 2010 automated boom switching and spray rate controller system for your next field application.

EZ Guide 250
The EZ Guide 250 features the FreeForm™ guidance pattern that gives you the freedom to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit the layout and contours of your field.

EZ Guide 500
The world's first lightbar with color display, mapping and steering capable of one inch accuracy.

New! Precision Farming Flash Drives
Ideal for:
• Firmware updates
• Download coverage summary maps
• Download field data for transfer to Farm Management Software
• Transfer field data between lightbars
• Save and load configuration files
• Download diagnostic logs

EZ-Steer System
Simple, portable hands-free farming for over 550 vehicle models—old and new.

AgGPS® FM-1000™
The NEW AgGPS® FM-1000™ integrated display is the first display system in the industry today to work as either a stand-alone manual guidance system or as part of an automated guidance, implement control or steering system.

TRUETRACKER™ Implement Steering System
Keeps implements on a repeatable path, even on extremely sloped fields and variable soils.

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